jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Steven Meisel "Organized Robots"

I think this is the best post on this blog so far.

Avant Garde Fashion Photography

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Miss Jeanett dijo...

Really weird, but very cool pictures. Very inspiring!


Paperface dijo...

I've always been really confused about this editorial. It's a little creepy and disjointed. Are they nuns? Part of a cult of robot worshiping nuns? Weird. The portrait of Coco rocks though. Hands down.

Melissa~ dijo...

increible como siempre. que ma spuedo decir.
Steven es un genio, me encanto, la crudez que tiene, la implementacion de los robots. Con cosas tan simples hiso algo increible.

Balladen dijo...

I think it's really wierd and strange...

Charlene Ashley Dy dijo...

Beautiful photos! :)


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