lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Poupéegirl Closet and Anna

I play poupéegirl, a very especial fashion community. Where you can upload photos of your clothes and accesories. But you cannot upload photos of you wearing them, I mean you cannot show your face, or anybody's face in there. It is different... I know.

I want to share my Poupéegirl closet with you. Photos are not the best, they're taken with my cellphone, but please look them kindly :)

Anna Tsuchiya! japanese singer, model, actress... She is just great. I recomend the movie Kamikaze girls, a very strange, but interesting and well done movie. Enjoy yourselves looking at her images *-*

1 comentario:

Melissa~ dijo...

me encanta la acitud de anna. Una vez vi una entrevista a ella en el CNN, y me callo muy bien. Aunque no soy muy fan de su musica.
Su look es genial.


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